Domantas Mauruča

About Me

Hello, I am Domantas Mauruča, a self-taught web developer. I am extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally, learning new material, experimenting with new technology is my hobby, which I love to do. Developing applications is the field I find myself achieving best results while coming up with great ideas. Over the years I have learned many programming languages, tools, frameworks and libraries to help me develop great applications everyday. Here is some technologies I liked to use the most...



Social multiplayer browser game built with Laravel and variuos Javascript libraries for learning purposes


An educational app built in 48 hours at HackerGames Vilnius. 'Išnarpliok' is built for Lithuanian students and schools to learn and practice programming


Simple two button control game for Android and web browsers made in 48 hours by a team of four people for an event called Ludum Dare


A simple solution to learn English for native Lithuanians on Android/iOS devices

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